Introvert Interview

Reviewing footage of my interview before we edit.  This will appear on my Kickstarter campaign page, going live in mid-June!  I do my best work behind the camera, not in front of it.


The end of the beginning

Hello and welcome to my website! My names is James DInkins and, as you may have deduced from the site name, I am a filmmaker. As I embark on producing my first feature, I intend to use this site as a means of capturing this experience every step of the way, for better or worse. I’ve written several screenplays– and working on a few others– but “The Vacancy” is the one I’m most proud of and am dying to share with you. It’s at turns intriguing, seductive and dangerous! It has enjoyed a successful run as both an award nominated stage play and an award nominated short film. Now is my chance to share my vision as originally intended– a full-length feature film! But I need your help.